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Overview of Mustard

Yarrock BFM Mustard is a conventional 'near Canola quality' selection from the Juncea family.

It is a short season crop and has the following characteristics in comparison to Canola Lower nutrient demand

Drought tolerance ~ Frost resistance ~ Insect resistance

Can be direct headed. It is not necessary to windrow.

Having a short growing season creates a significant opportunity for low cost pre seeding weed control,

including the use of cultivation, non selective herbicides and heavy grazing techniques.


Use fertiliser rates similar to growing wheat. Ensure good levels of Phosphorous and Sulphur.

Yarrock BFM is also responsive to Zinc on alkaline soils. Yarrock BFM is suited to lower rainfall regions,

typically 275 - 350mm Growing Season Rainfall, and can be grown on a wide variety of mixed soil types,

including brown and grey loams and red soils. Post sowing broadleaf weed control options are limited.

Yarrock BFM is more sensitive to herbicides such as Lontrel and the use of moderate levels is advisable.

Yarrock BFM can be ideally planted during the months of June/July and achieve yields up to 1.5 tonnes/ha.

There is no advantage with early seeding, as a longer growing season only results in a greater amount of

vegetative bulk, not yield. Yarrock BFM has a lower variation and higher yield consistency in dry seasons

when compared to Canola.


Under dry, adverse or late conditions, Yarrock BFM can out-perform

conventional Canola varieties by up to 50% It can be grown on a wide variety of soils and does well on what

would be described as mallee soils. Agronomically, treat the same as growing a crop of conventional Canola.

Yarrock BFM has similar oil content to short season varieties of Canola and can also be direct headed.

Agromonic notes can be downloaded here





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