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Grow Your Own

Not all that long ago, our grandparents grew 'fuel' for their 'organic tractors'…oaten hay to feed the horses!

Using the same concept and using a 'near canola quality' mustard, Yarrock Oils and Biodiesel Wimmera, are offering primary producers a unique opportunity to become involved in a 'paddock to pump' fuel production agreement, to once again grow their own fuel as a part of their crop rotation.

Under the agreement, participating growers simply grow a paddock of mustard and deliver it to a nominated delivery centre. The grower then has an entitlement to take back delivery of a renewable diesel fuel alternative…biodiesel.

 We do the rest.

As licensed producers we will manufacture biodiesel that meets the Australian standard, and will meet all excise obligations…leaving growers free to do what they do best…farm.

Mustard Grower Fact Sheet, click here

Download Brassica juncea; agronomic notes

To become involved in this exciting new opportunity, or for a supply agreement please Email us


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